Marketing and Education

Our marketing and education team promotes public and professional awareness of the hospice philosophy and educates referring physicians and patients about the Medicare hospice benefit. Ultimately, it is the job of our marketers and educators to see that patients who qualify for the hospice benefit receive it.

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Our administrative team is responsible for all back-office functions, including gathering and organization of medical records, billing, human resources, bookkeeping and finances, Foundation operations, and general administrative support to the clinical team. Often the first voice heard by a patient or caregiver on the phone; our administrative team has a thorough and passionate understanding of the hospice philosophy and benefit.

Spiritual Care Coordinator

The Spiritual Care Coordinator is a vital part of the interdisciplinary hospice team that cares for the hospice patient and his or her family/caregivers. The SCC provides end-of-life spiritual care and counsel – either directly, or by coordinating community resources – that meets the specific needs and wishes of the patient.

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Registered Nurse Case Manager

The RN Case Manager coordinates the hospice care of the patient and family/caregivers, working closely with the rest of the interdisciplinary team to design a plan of care for each patient and family. It is the responsibility of the RN Case Manager to allocate appropriate professional support, medications, equipment, and supplies to each patient/caregiver. The RN Case Manager also visits patients, providing routine care under the Plan of Care.

Licensed Professional Nurse

The Hospice LPN performs skilled nursing care for terminally ill patients in their homes, in accordance with the plan of care and under the supervision of the Registered Nurse Case Manager.

Nurse Practitioner

A Hospice Nurse Practitioner plays a considerable role in ensuring that all patients receiving hospice services continue to qualify for that benefit. The documented findings from the Nurse Practitioner’s periodic “Face to Face” patient visits is key to informing the hospice physician that each patient is appropriate for hospice. Our Nurse Practitioners may also provide direct patient care, and are an essential source of medical expertise and mentorship for our entire clinical team.

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Volunteer Coordinator (BVC)

BVC is responsible for recruiting, training and coordinating the activities of the Hospice volunteers who, per a Medicare mandate, must provide a certain amount of the patient care and administrative support in any hospice program. The BVC is also responsible for planning bereavement care for the survivors of hospice patients for a year after the patient passes away.

Social Worker

The hospice social worker is available to help patients and their families/caregivers navigate the unique issues that present at the end of life. They assess the psychosocial needs of the patient/family and help to see that these needs are met. They help with advance directives, funeral arrangements, and information about caregiving and living arrangements; they also connect patients and their caregivers to appropriate community resources.

CNA/Hospice Aide

The CNA/Aide is a critical member of the hospice care team. Responsible for multiple patient visits each week, the Aide provides personal care (bathing, teeth-cleaning, hair care, etc.), transferring from beds to wheelchairs, feeding assistance, and light meal preparation and housekeeping. They provide critical emotional support to the patient and family and care-related information to the interdisciplinary team.

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